Episode 348 is the 2009th episode of The Bill.

PC Hollis has organised an event to celebrate 50 years of Sun Hill police station. Former DCS Charles Barnet, who is to be a guest speaker, is keen to be taken out on patrol, and PCs Stamp and Casper take him out in the area car. The PCs are embarrassed by the old-fashioned attitudes of the former detective, who puts his back out while helping them with an arrest. PCs Valentine and Hemmingway investigate a road traffic accident in which an eight-year-old boy has been killed by a joy-rider. Witnesses confirm that the boy had run in front of the car. Supt Prosser tells the father that the driver will only be charged with minor offences, and he takes the news badly. PC Bryant is surprised when a man calling himself Gabriel Kent calls in at the station and asks to see Sgt Ackland. She mentions this to PC Kent, who dismisses the visitor as a local nutter. Kent goes to see his adopted brother, who quickly realises that David has stolen his identity. Meanwhile, the dead boy's father turns up at the station and demands that his son's killer be prosecuted.

The "Next Time…" segment is voiced by Cyril Nri (Supt Adam Okaro) and shows rehearsals for live Episode 349.

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