Episode 342 is the 2003rd episode of The Bill.

Sgt Ackland visits 13-year-old rapist Ross Trescot. He tells her of his own sexual abuse at the hands of his uncle and begs her to drop the rape charges, but she refuses. PCs Valentine and Bryant deal with the mugging of a Polish woman. Her flatmate Anka is also assaulted, but does not want to press charges as she is an illegal immigrant. Valentine warns the attacker off. DCs Masters and Sims photograph DI Manson's father-in-law with a suspected pimp of under-age boys. Manson challenges wife Pippa over her involvement in her father's activities. Insp Gold's initiative on anti-social behaviour proves a success, but Supt Prosser takes the credit.

The normal creator credits (written, produced and directed by) are missing from this episode.

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