Episode 290 is the 1951st episode of The Bill.

The officers of Sun Hill are in a state of shock following the explosion. MIT and the anti-terrorism squad arrive to investigate, while PC Stamp looks into a link between ex-PCSO Colin Fairfax and a local extremist group. PCs Valentine and Johanssen are called out to facilitate a social worker's access to a young child. DS De Costa and DC Perkins get involved when they discover that the father has a conviction for sex with a minor. PC Kapoor faces hostility from the Asian community. PC Kent is hailed as a hero, Sgt Ackland adjusts to life without DC Carver, while PC Hollis and DI Manson try to come to terms with the loss of their loved ones.

Colin Fairfax (Tim Steed) is no longer credited as a PCSO, nor among the regular cast.

Oddly, the episode guide at does not include the main plot line of this episode.

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