Episode 289 is the 1949th episode of The Bill.

The van crash caused by disgruntled PCSO Colin Fairfax causes a major explosion to rip through the front of Sun Hill. Ken is instantly killed, while Gabriel, Andrea, Smithy and Marilyn are trapped .

Despite pleas that she would stay quiet, Gabriel rises like a phoenix from the ashes leaving Andrea trapped under the rubble as the flames creep closer. He encounters Smithy trapped by debris, and he considers leaving his enemy to be killed by the flames, but he acts as a hero and drags him out, to the arms of paramedics and a relieved Gina. He is taken to St. Hughs while everyone tries to make sure everyone gets out safe.

A near riot kicks off in custody while June tries to get everyone out. Not everyone as cuffed because of a lack of them caused by trying to detain all the prisoners, and two brothers involved in credit card fraud steal the Area Car. Leela and Amber chase after them in an IRV but lose them. Jim tracks them down and in a rage, assaults one of the suspects.

A female is pulled from the blaze, and Gabriel fears Andrea has been rescued. Tony identifies her as Marilyn Chambers, and June tries to track down Reg. The fire and forensics team discover a body, and whilst visiting Smithy in hospital, he tells Tony that Ken was in the back of the van. CID are devastated, none more some than Jim. Reg proposes to Marilyn in hospital, but she sadly goes into cardiac arrest and dies, leaving a devastated Reg by her bed.

Neil tries to track down Andrea, and says on her voicemail he wants another choice. Unbeknown to him, she was left in the fire by Gabriel, and he finally asks Gina for the team to look, and her body is found. Okaro briefs the troops about the deaths of the day in the fire.

Tony accidentally lets slip to Jim about June's affair with Roger, and he goes to find her, finding the two in an embrace.


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