Episode 275 is the 1935th episode of The Bill.

It could be the day of Sun Hill's first gay wedding, but PC Lance Powell has been kidnapped by two Christian friends, Hal Richards and Dennis Simpson who try and 'cure' him of his homosexuality, Lance is spotted being kidnapped on CCTV footage and they find out that the man who rented the van that Lance was pulled into lent it to Dennis, Dennis is taken in for questioning and he confesses that him and Hal kidnapped Lance. Lance is rescued and Lance and Sgt Mark Rollins finally marry. A new DC Jo Masters is brought in to diffuse the tension between the warring DCI Jack Meadows and DI Neil Manson, but after meeting DC Jo Masters they both agree that she'll make their lives hell. DC Terry Perkins tracks down his brother and manages to trick his wife into revealing her suspicions about her husband's child abuse but DS Ramani de Costa is hot on his trail.

First appearance of DC Jo Masters (Sally Rogers).

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