Episode 250 is the 1910th episode of The Bill.

Insp Gina Gold warns PC Kerry Young that her job is on the line if she continues to consort with David Radford. PC Gabriel Kent and PC Andrea Dunbar find an 11-year-old blind girl who has been seriously assaulted in her own home. A neighbour identifies the mother's ex-boyfriend as the culprit, but DC Suzie Sim is furious that PC Dunbar has not followed procedure and their only forensic evidence is lost. Their suspect, Christopher Spinks, is in court, but is released on bail. As Spinks leaves the courthouse, he is shot dead - the third victim of the serial sniper. DS Debbie McAllister visits one of DCI Meadows's snouts for information on a lingerie robbery. DC Jim Carver is up to his neck in gambling debts.

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