Episode 246 is the 1906th episode of The Bill.

DC Suzie Sim arrives to join CSU, and she excels on her first day when she and trainee DC Gary Best investigate the racial harassment and sexual assault of an asylum seeker. The perpetrator is Bradley Perkins, the son of DC Terry Perkins' brother Ben, and Sim expresses her concern to DS Ramani De Costa that Ben's actions may be due to him being sexually abused himself. DS Samantha Nixon is frantic about an apparent suicide e-mail from her daughter Abi, as well as reports that Abi had frequented a suicide website. Profiler Dr Hugh Wallis assures Nixon that the writing style doesn't match, and one of the website's users says that Abi was not suicidal. PC Kerry Young is disillusioned with her job and her colleagues, and takes her frustration out on them. PC Steve Hunter gives PC Honey Harman the cold shoulder after he hears she's been gossiping about their date to her mates.

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