Malcolm Willard has been shot dead from long range, and once again Terry and his brother Ben are in the frame. Terry is shocked when he turns up at CID to hear that Willard is dead, and that MIT want to interview him. He and Ramani head to Ben's lockup, where they find an empty rifle case. They then head to the old Perkins house where the abuse took place, and SO19 storm in and arrest Ben, but he is later cleared as the bullet that killed Willard was a different calibre. Okaro is on trial for drug possession, and Manson's wife is his defence barrister. His chances are not looking good though, as the prosecution tears through witnesses Steve and Rob. Manson and Andrea discover that the DNA on the drugs matches that of Jerome Taylor, and they locate the man who sold Taylor the drugs. Needing an excuse to arrest him so they can get a legitimate DNA sample, Manson goads Taylor into attacking him. Okaro is cleared of all charges, but returns to the station to find they may have a serial sniper on the manor, and that Taylor may have had inside help from Rob.

First appearance of recurring character DI Rowanne Morell.

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