Episode 222 is the 1882nd episode of The Bill.

A sceptical DI Neil Manson reluctantly agrees to DS Samantha Nixon's requests to hire a profiler to help catch Sun Hill's serial rapist. Nixon and profiler Dr Hugh Wallis review the cases and the locations, and conclude that the perpetrator knows the area very well. PC Gabriel Kent's vigilante actions on the Coal Lane Estate spiral out of control when he arranges for a skinhead gang to attack two black youths as revenge for mugging an elderly Asian lady. With his former allies on the estate turning against him, Kent must act quickly to ensure his involvement is not discovered. Sgt Sheelagh Murphy is in court in the case of a drink-driving Rastafarian she arrested for refusing a blood test, and is humiliated when the case is thrown out of court, and she is accused of racism and insensitivity to the man's religious beliefs. Advocate Jerome Taylor alerts the Borough Commander to the case, and Supt Adam Okaro is forced to offer Sgt Murphy a choice between transfer or demotion. PC Honey Harman and PC Cameron Tait attend to a man dressed as a bear protesting for fathers' rights. Cameron realises the man has booby-trapped his ex-wife's house, and Sgt Murphy risks her life to defuse the bombs he has hidden. With the situation literally defused, Tait and Harman continue their patrol, but are horrified when a car containing two small children rolls into the Thames in front of them.

PC Cameron Tait mentions dealing with a potential suicide in Melbourne, implying that he served with the Victoria Police as well as the New South Wales Police back in Australia.

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