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1873 2004x036
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20-May-2004 FlagIcon UK small
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Episode Chronology:
Episode 216 is the 1876th episode of The Bill.

Don Beech has the only evidence that could incriminate corrupt DI Peter Cavanaugh. In return he wants a transfer to a Category C prison. Meadows is uneasy about trusting Beech, but Okaro insists they have no other option. Beech demands that he be transferred today, and as they are running out of time, DI Neil Manson reluctantly agrees, despite warnings from Okaro and Meadows.

Manson and Phil, accompanied by a TSG unit, take Beech to visit his girlfriend Maggie Black, who has the incriminating tape. TSG are called away to an incident and Beech asks Manson if he can have ten minutes alone to "say goodbye" to Maggie. Manson foolishly agrees, and when he returns he finds himself held at gunpoint. Beech then knocks Hunter unconscious. When he wakes up and releases Manson, they realize Beech has gone.

Okaro tries to stall Cavanaugh while they verify Beech's evidence. Cavanaugh contacts his girlfriend Nixon and declares his love for her, begging her to join him on the run. She agrees, but informs Meadows of his plans. Using her mobile as a tracking device, Meadows and his team close in, but when Cavanaugh realizes he has been betrayed he takes Nixon hostage. A chase ensues, Cavanaugh is apprehended, and Nixon arrests him.

Elsewhere, Ramani requests a profiler when she suspects a serial rapist may be at work in Sun Hill, but the Beech case takes priority, but Nixon says she'll help.

Melanie Gutteridge, who plays Annette Flemming, would later join the cast as PC Emma Keane, guest stars. Final appearance of ex-DS Don Beech.

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