Episode 215 is the 1875th episode of The Bill.

DI Neil Manson's suspicions about DI Peter Cavanaugh continue during an obbo on the diamond heist suspects. When the suspects get away from them, Cavanaugh doesn't seem particularly concerned. Concerned for the safety of DS Samantha Nixon and PC Cameron Tait who are undercover as waiting staff on the target boat, Manson orders DS Phil Hunter on to the boat as well. PC Gabriel Kent could be in trouble when Roy Stafford turns up at the station to report Kent's assault on him. Insp. Gina Gold is delighted she may be able to get rid of the evil Gabriel at last, but a Coal Lane resident arrives and gives Kent an alibi. She has an ulterior motive however - as well as approving of Kent's brutal actions on Stafford, she wants him to enact some vigilante justice on a loan shark on the estate. CPS Lawyer Jonathan Fox asks Gina Gold out on a date, and Supt Adam Okaro continues to receive hate mail from within the station.

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