Episode 214 is the 1874th episode of The Bill.

After failing to capture Trevor Little and his gang after their aborted diamond raid, DI Neil Manson begins to have his doubts about his Australian colleague, DI Peter Cavanaugh, and suspects he may be leaking information to the gang. The rivalry between the two DIs escalates, but Cavanaugh has his eye set on DS Samantha Nixon, and the two share a passionate kiss. Insp Gina Gold and CPS Lawyer Jonathan Fox's verbal sparring also turns to passion, and PCs Cameron Tait and Kerry Young decide to give their disastrous relationship another try. PC Gabriel Kent continues his vendetta against Coal Lane resident Roy Stafford who he suspects is a paedophile. When he suspects Stafford has staged a robbery to gain access to the victim's grandchildren, he crosses the line and attacks Stafford, beating him badly. Supt Adam Okaro sends the hate mail he has received for forensic examination, but with the sender almost certainly an officer in his station, they most likely know how to cover their tracks.

First appearance of Laura Bryant (Melanie Kilburn), who would later join the cast as a PCSO (Police Civilian Support Officer).

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