Episode 206 is the 1866th episode of The Bill.

PC Nick Klein is back in the safe house, but when DS Phil Hunter gives the address to Dennis Weaver, a hitman is contracted to kill Klein. Meeting with the hitman to retrieve the gun and a photo of Nick's body, Weaver realises Hunter has set him up when the police lead by Supt Okaro and DCI Meadows swoop in on them. Escaping into North Canley Forest, a terrified Hunter barely escapes with his life as a maniacal Weaver swears revenge for his treachery. With Weaver on the loose, however, Nick Klein is relieved of duty and placed in deep witness protection far outside of London, but not before Hunter and Sgt Dale Smith have a chance to clear up their differences with him. Police Staff Polly Page investigates a forged driver's licence, but is reprimanded for exceeding her remit as a civilian staff member. Polly visits Cathy Bradford in a secure psychiatric unit, where Cathy tells her she is "undercover" in the hospital. Considering recent events and Bradford's taunts, Polly resigns from Sun Hill to start a new life outside the Met. PC Yvonne Hemmingway and PC Kerry Young investigate a case of abuse in a retirement home, but with Kerry's belief that she was raped by Smithy weighing heavily on her mind, will Yvonne convince her to speak up before she does something rash?

Connie Hyde is credited among the show stars. Interestingly, she is correctly credited without her former rank of PC, breaking with the standard approach for rogue or convicted former officers (Page, Taviner, Thatcher).

Connie Hyde makes a guest appearance as former PC Cathy Bradford (2002-2004).

Final appearances of PC Nick Klein (René Zagger) and Police Staff Polly Page (Lisa Geoghan).

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