Episode 199: End of the Road is the 1856th episode of The Bill. It is the 19th episode of series 20.

Paramedics rush into Sun Hill to revive Des in his cell after being beaten unconscious by his cellmate, McCluskey. He is taken to St. Hugh's where he dies. MIT arrive to investigate both his involvement in the fire and his murder. Sheelagh is furious when June 'refuses' to tell DI Madden of MIT that she heard Sheelagh ask about McCluskey's mental health, when it appears he was a violent criminal.

Okaro is furious when Bob Coles walks from court and makes it his mission to take down Coles. Manson dangles a carrot to CID with a trip to Paris. Rob and Phil compete for the ticket so they can take their partners. Rob breaks the rules and re-arrests a suspect with a warrant that has already been acted upon and after a run in with Okaro, he vents about his to journalist Andrea. The arrest is made by Terry and he auctions it off to Rob in aid of charity.

Meanwhile, morale is low due to Des' death, and that he'd never face justice. Reg is down after the way things ended between himself and Des and confines in Polly. Polly has a moment of panic when she hears a prisoner screaming as he gets put in a cell. Andrea's journalist tells her to go after Okaro.


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