Episode 198 is the 1858th episode of The Bill.

PC Nick Klein and PC Yvonne Hemingway attend a disturbance at a funeral home and discover an unusual case: the body and casket of the mother of the Coombes brothers has disappeared - including £350,000. Turning the case over to DS Debbie McAllister and DC Ken Drummond in CID, the officers investigate all the involved parties including the brother, the funeral director and the security guard. Against her better judgement and PC Tony Stamp's warnings, Polly Page befriends journalist Frank Fisher who helps her out when she cops abuse and vandalism from local youths. PC Reg Hollis and Sgt Dale Smith check out the local swimming pool when the manager reports a break-in. Finding nothing, they return to the station, but when Reg heads back on his own, he is confronted by Des Taviner who wants to tie up the loose ends between them before he disappears for good. Reg's absence stirs Insp. Gina Gold's suspicions and she heads to the Lido with an SO19 team who manage to catch and arrest Taviner at last. Sgts Sheelagh Murphy and June Ackland book Des into custody prior to his MIT interview, but when Sheelagh checks on Des and his mentally-ill cellmate, she finds Taviner badly beaten and not breathing.

Final regular appearance of PC Des Taviner (Paul Usher).

PC Reg Hollis: All you want from me is a "Get Out of Jail Free" card with your conscience. Well, that's not going to happen. Des Taviner: My conscience is clear. PC Hollis: Oh, yeah? How many dead people are on it? Is it six? Ah, it should be seven, though, shouldn't it, eh? 'Cause your mate, Reggie Babe, he should be on there! 'Cause you left him for dead in that warehouse, didn't you? But here I am. Like a ghost! Taviner: It wasn't like that, Reggie Babe! PC Hollis: Yes, it was. And I'm talking for all the people that you killed! Sam Harker, Di Worrell, Kate Spears… All of them!

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