Episode 194 is the 1854th episode of The Bill.

PC Gabriel Kent fears exposure and confronts Sgt June Ackland who tells him that she will keep his identity secret if he gets her the address of her son. The difficulty of her situation is heightened by the fact that she deals with the case of a missing child. Elsewhere Gabriel confronts PC Jim Carver for telling June that he is her son, and the two come to blows. Sgt Dale Smith breaks them up and both Smithy and Jim agree to keep his secret quiet for June's sake. But with Gabriel's popularity seriously on the wane, how long can he hope to rely on them? PC Kerry Young confides in PC Yvonne Hemmingway about her night of passion with PC Cameron Tait the night before. It could be the start of something special but Smithy is not happy and it looks like he might stand in their way… DC Eva Sharpe and DI Neil Manson work on the case of a missing girl and discover that it is the girl's abusive grandfather that has taken her away. Meanwhile Polly Page returns to Sun Hill and is delighted to learn that she can have a civilian job on CAD. Will the frustration of not being a copper get to her? [Source:]

Polly Page (Lisa Geoghan) returns to Sun Hill as a civilian CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) operator.

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