Episode 187 is the 1847th episode of The Bill.

Sgt Sheelagh Murphy is shaken by her sighting of Des Taviner the night before, confiding in Inspector Gina Gold she demands to know if PC Reg Hollis has been contacted by Des. Confused about why Des should come back to Sun Hill, Sheelagh becomes frantic when she believes her baby Niamh has gone missing and Reg attempts to calm her. When the baby is discovered safe and well Sheelagh refuses to take any chances and asks PC Cameron Tait to baby-sit. Thinking her baby is in safe hands, Sheelagh returns home to find Cameron and a paramedic desperately trying to save her baby's life. Elsewhere, PC Yvonne Hemmingway deals with an hysterical woman who is smashing up a shop. Discovering that she is a rape victim who is being traumatised and stalked by her attacker, DCs Terry Perkins and Eva Sharpe step in to try to convince another of the rapist's victims to come forward and press charges after years of keeping quiet. And Supt Adam Okaro is forced to put his recent domestic troubles behind him and begins to build bridges with both the relief and his wife. [Source:]

Rosalind March is omitted from the on-screen credits in error.

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