Episode 184 is the 1844th episode of The Bill.

TSG storm the boiler room and Supt Adam Okaro arrests a screaming Cathy Bradford for murder. Despite his colleagues' warnings, DC Brandon Kane insists on returning to work at CID, but when he finds himself conned by an elderly woman for an insurance scam, he realises his mind isn't on the job any more. Kane goes to see Supt Okaro and hands in his resignation, saying he wants to spend time with his kids. PC Gary Best is seconded to CID, and is temporarily partnered with DC Terry Perkins who barely tolerates his new sidekick. The pair investigate the mugging of a city trader by two homeless ex-servicemen. Terry is disgusted by the world the traders inhabit and is frustrated when he learns that the mugging was a revenge attack. When Gary goes out on his own initiative and almost blows the case, Terry takes matters into his own hands and threatens to reveal the trader's cocaine use. PC Jim Carver's wife Marie turns up, begging him not to proceed with the trial against her. When he refuses, saying it's for her own good, Marie goes out on a bender and is once again arrested for drunk and disorderly when she throws a bin through the front door of the station

Last appearance of DC Brandon Kane (Pal Aron).

Last regular appearance of PC Cathy Bradford (Connie Hyde).

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