Episode 182 is the 1842nd episode of The Bill.

Leo Price agrees to help Sgt. Dale Smith and CID with some information when his little brother is attacked and left injured. When the information leads to several arrests on the estate, Smithy must take steps to protect Leo from a possible revenge attack. PC Cathy Bradford, still in the boiler room with the Kane kids, turns off the station heating to lure someone down there. An engineer is called to fix the boiler, but he is knocked unconscious by Cathy. When Sgt. June Ackland and PC Honey Harman go looking for the missing engineer, they find him outside the boiler room, they realise what's going on. Ackland tries her best to coax the rogue copper out, but Bradford refuses to talk to anyone except DC Brandon Kane.

Lisa Geoghan is credited as "PC Polly Page" although one assumes that Page was dismissed from the Met after the events in Episode 161.

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