Episode 181 is the 1841st episode of The Bill.

Having discovered the CCTV tape of PC Cathy Bradford with his wife on the night she died, and the body of Cathy's fiancé, Max Wyatt, the Murder Investigation Team are called in. DC Brandon Kane is horrified to discover that Bradford (using her police uniform) has abducted his children from their school. Sgt. Dale Smith tries to convince Insp. Gina Gold to tell Sgt. June Ackland of their discovery of Gabriel Kent's birth certificate reveals that he is June's son. An old friend of Gina's arouses suspicion when he is found in a stolen car and then tries to hide a briefcase containing £15000 in cash. As the search for Bradford and the Kane children intensifies, Bradford sneaks the kids into the station under the very noses of the investigating officers - into the Sun Hill boiler room.

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