Episode 180
Episode No.   Series
1837 2003x105
Original Airdate
30 December 2003 FlagIcon UK small
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Episode Chronology:

Episode 180 is the 1837th episode of The Bill.

Brandon informs Gold and Meadows of his suspicions. He is convinced that Cathy had more than a glancing involvement in his wife's death. When Roberta Cryer is found badly beaten there is only one probable suspect. Cathy abducts Brandon's children from their school. When a car is pulled out of the canal, Eva and Rob begin a hunt for a young girl whose bloodied cardigan is discovered in the boot, but it's not just the search for the child that causes police activity. Gabriel finds himself on the wrong end of a rather large Doberman.

Moya Brady guest stars as Robbie Cryer.

Final episode of series 19.

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