Episode 173
Episode No.   Series
1830 2003x098
Original Airdate
10 December 2003 Flag of United Kingdom
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Directed By
Episode Chronology:

Episode 173 is the 1830th episode of The Bill.

Cathy returns to work after taking forced leave due to her un-authorised appearance on the Lorraine Kelly Show. She quickly becomes angered when she sees Brandon and Honey becoming closer. Tony stops a black man who fits the description of a mugger. However, the man claims racism and tries to make a compliant about it. Okaro is furious about the event and is not happy that Sun Hill are failing to meet crime targets. Brandon later finds evidence that the man is involved with credit card fraud. Okaro tells him to find more evidence before bringing him in but Brandon ignores him and does so anyway. Phil starts a rumour that Sam has got the DI job knowing full well that she hasn't. Meadows tells Sam that she is being demoted back to DS and a new DI will be appointed. Honey moves in with Brandon and Meadows tells Okaro that he is losing the support of his officers.

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