Episode 163
Episode No.   Series
1820 2003x088
Original Airdate
5 November 2003 FlagIcon UK small
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Episode Chronology:

Episode 163 is the 1820th episode of The Bill.

It's a bad day at Sun Hill. The suspect for Alan Best's murder, Jules Ellis died the night before following being pushed off the roof by an angry Gary, who miraculously survives. Mark Nevitt, the drunk who murdered Juliet also died when he swallowed his tongue. Debbie is devastated when she hears that her lover Juliet has died. Meanwhile, she and Phil investigate a serious assault on a prostitute. National Party councillor Nicola Marsh tries to raise racial tensions by highlighting an increase in black-on-white crime. A forensic sweep shows that Des wasn't killed in the warehouse, and Sheelagh tells Okaro that Des was responsible for the fire at Sun Hill. Gabriel shares a kiss with an emotional June. Polly struggles on her first day of prison when she is sentenced to life inside for the murder of Owen Preston. Cathy is reprimanded for appearing on Lorraine Kelly's TV show without prior permission.

Departure of PC Polly Page, Lorraine Kelly and Susan Twist guest stars.

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