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Episode 161
Episode No.   Series
1818 2003x086
Original Airdate
29 October 2003 Flag of United Kingdom
Written By
Nicholas McInerny
Produced By
Lachlan MacKinnon
Directed By
Ken Grieve
Episode Chronology:

Episode 161 is the 1821st episode of The Bill.

The gunman who took Gary's dad is now holed up in a building, and when Gold finds out two elderly residents, one a diabetic in urgent need of medication, are trapped she has to decide whether to let SO19 take him by surprise. When Smithy volunteers himself as a hostage in return for the elderly couple to be released, his actions are totally against protocol, much to Inspector Gold and SO19 DS Brand's dismay.

Smithy desperately attempts to talk the gunman down but he's dealing with a deranged man capable of anything. Will Gina Gold put her officer's life at risk by allowing SO19 to storm the building and will Gary ever have the chance to make amends with his father?

It's the last day of Polly's trial and she takes the stand to try and convince the jury of her innocence, but will she convince the packed courtroom that she did the right thing and how will Polly's confession that she was set up by Cathy go down with her Sun Hill colleagues, especially when the court hears that Polly's version of events have changed three times. Will the jury judge Polly's actions as those of a do-gooder or a highly manipulative person abusing her position of power?.

Forcing crocodile tears on the witness stand is hard work for Cathy Bradford as she heads out with DC Juliet Becker. After arresting a drunk things take a turn for the worse and Juliet finds herself held at knifepoint.