Episode 160
Episode No.   Series
1817 2003x085
Original Airdate
23rd October 2003 FlagIcon UK small
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Episode Chronology:

Episode 160 is the 1817th episode of The Bill.

Smithy rushes into the warehouse as all units respond to Tony's urgent assistance call. Reg is pulled out, but a landing collapses before Des can get out. The backup and services arrive and the driver of the other car is pulled out and is pronounced dead, but the Area Car appears to be central in the warehouse, right where the explosion happened. Sheelagh arrives at court, unbeknown to her that her lover is missing presumed dead. She, June, Max Wyatt & Cathy give evidence in Polly's trial for the murder of Owen Preston. Max and Cathy turn against Polly and their engagement is announced by Polly's QC in the middle of court, so Polly decides she'll expose Cathy's part in the cover up. Marie shows up at court drunk and accuses June of having an affair with Jim. The search for Alan Best continues when Jules Ellis is found, after holding Honey at gunpoint briefly, after the shooting of a civilian.

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