Episode 159
Episode No.   Series
1816 2003x084
Original Airdate
22nd October 2003 FlagIcon UK small
30th September 2004 FlagIcon Australia small
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Episode Chronology:

Episode 159 is the 1816th episode of The Bill

Sheelagh is told by Des that he started the fire at Sun Hill. She insists he gives himself up, but he refuses, and convinces her to not tell Superintendent Okaro, for the sake of their unborn child. While Sheelagh decides, Des and Reg chase a burglar robbing seniors, and Des beats up the suspect after a victim's wife dies due to a shock induced heart attack. When Gold asks Sheelagh to take Okaro to New Scotland Yard, Des finds this out and angrily goes after the burglary suspect as he's chased by Smithy and Tony. Sheelagh actually meets husband Patrick and confesses about her relationship with Des and says the baby is not his. Gary ruins a CID OBBO on his father's garage, and Dad Alan is abducted by the target. Polly and Cathy prepare for Polly's trial for murdering Owen Preston. As Des catches up to Smithy and Tony, they are given instructions to block the exit and as the suspect's car arrives at the gates, Des pursues the car, agressively ramming the car and eventually pushes it in to a warehouse, where an explosion rips through the two cars and the building.

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