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Episode 155 is the 1815th episode of The Bill.

DC Mickey Webb decides to go after Delaney. He sets about tracking by getting to know more about him, while other officers just want to catch him. Webb strikes lucky with Delaney's prison padre and goes in search of a lead on the man who raped Delaney in prison. He comes across Delaney in a park and after a confrontation, chases him. Delaney is caught and charged but has no intention of leaving Mickey out of it and tells the officers he raped him. Devastated, Mickey decides to press charges and sadly to leave Sun Hill before he's the talk of the nick. Meanwhile, Jack's relationship with Rachel becomes the talk of the station and Mickey persuades Jack to knock it on the head. DC Danny Glaze also leaves, but under a cloud and on the run. PI Sally Johnson is getting closer and closer to uncovering the truth about the Sun Hill fire. Unable to take the heat, Danny decides to cut and run - complete with a robbery victim's cash. Sgt. Sheelagh Murphy has troubles of her own when PC Des Taviner discovers, in the maternity ward, that she is pregnant and demands the truth - is it his?

Mickey refers to one of the women Delaney assaulted as Fiona McGowan. Her name in Episode 152/Episode 153 was Jane.

Final regular appearance, for now, of DC Mickey Webb (Chris Simmons). He returns with the first of a number of guest appearances in Episode 162, and rejoins the cast in Episode 360.

Final appearance of DC Danny Glaze (Karl Collins).