Episode 149 is the 1809th episode of The Bill.

Insp. Gina Gold has no choice but to suspend Robbie Cryer following PC Cathy Bradford's hospitalisation, and Robbie is escorted from the station. Desperate to save her job, Robbie calls on her uncle, Bob Cryer, and the pair do some investigation into Cathy's lies. Sandra Malik, the doctor who Bradford harassed and framed, has moved to Australia, so they track down Petra McAvoy, who Cathy beat up in the interview room. Petra is only too happy to make a statement, but once again, her evidence is called into question. PC Gabriel Kent ignores PC Des Taviner's advice when he sympathises with a depressed father and helps him get bail, but Kent's good deed has tragic and fatal consequences. Polly Page's bail hearing is refused, and she is sent to prison pending trial.

Eric Richard guests as ex-Sergeant Bob Cryer (1984-2001).

Final regular appearance of CAD Officer Roberta Cryer (Moya Brady). She returns for a guest appearance inEpisode 179.

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