Episode 142 is the 1799 episode of The Bill.

A stunned PC Des Taviner catches Sgt. Dale Smith and PC Kerry Young in a passionate clinch in the back of a car during an obbo on a gang of teenage joyriders - so stunned that he leaves the keys in the Area Car, and is horrified to see Sierra One roaring out of sight with a young boy at the wheel. When the car turns up vandalised, Taviner is determined to catch the boy responsible, but with no evidence, Taviner borrows a 'stinger' from traffic and lies in wait at the location of the next joyride. Sgt June Ackland convinces Julie Lewis to help the police sting a big drug buy, but Julie's husband Eddie is shot dead by SO19 when one of the dealers pulls a gun. PC Ruby Buxton decides to resign after committing perjury, despite PC Gabriel Kent's pleas. As the police rush to a bomb scare at the local cinema, Kent watches as Buxton leaves her resignation letter on Insp. Gold's desk. DC Mickey Webb visits Rachel Heath demanding she end her relationship with DCI Jack Meadows, but Meadows walks in the door just as he is threatening her...

This is the second time an Area Car has been stolen in the series, it previously happened to PC Loxton and WPC Datta in Comeback.

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