Home Run- Dangerous Intervention
Episode No.   Series
1784 2003x052
Original Airdate
3 July 2003 FlagIcon UK small
Episode Chronology:

Episode 127 is 1778th epiode of The Bill.

This is the second part of a six part series.

Its alternate title is Home Run: Dangerous Intervention.

Ken's attempts to gain the confidence of Sid Wright are getting nowhere, so he literally plays his last hand when he follows Wright and gatecrashes a private poker game between Wright and the Fosters. His playing impresses leader and father Archie, but son Vince feels Ken is stealing his thunder, and he does digging. Ken is rear ended at an intersection, and is kdnapped. The Foster family, who reveal that they know about his polygamy, and the fact that he's a police officer, and Archie gives him a choice, die or help them rob the Met warehouse. Meanwhile, a drunken brawl outside a pub turns nasty when Sheelagh finds a boy beaten badly on the street. Feeling guilty at having let the suspects off with a warning earlier, Murphy tackles the case on her own rather than handing it over to CID. Nixon reluctantly organises a meeting between her daughter Abi and her father, murderer Glenn Weston.

James Barriscale guest stars as Vince.

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