Episode 126 is the 1786th episode of The Bill.

Acting DI Sam Nixon hustles Abigail and Glenn Weston into the station as reporter Dougie Pritchard approaches with a camera. Nixon wants Abi to have nothing to do with Weston, but he is insistent, and she agrees to meet with him to discuss terms. DS Phil Hunter uses Nixon's personal crisis to go over her head to DCI Jack Meadows to approve surveillance of Sid Wright, a security guard he believes is involved in the armed hold-up. Hunter's persistance pays off when it transpires Wright is planning a raid on a Metropolitan Police warehouse. DC Ken Drummond is hastily drafted back into his undercover security guard persona. New PC Gabriel Kent starts at Sun Hill, but despite his age and ambition, his "puppywalker" PC Tony Stamp shows no mercy from the usual jokes played on probationers. PC Des Taviner confronts Sgt Sheelagh Murphy with his feelings for her, and despite her initial objections, the two end up going home together.


Sgt June Ackland recalls seeing PC Kent "about six weeks ago." Their brief encounter was in Episode 119, broadcast on 5 June 2003.

PC Kent's epaulette number is the unlucky SO416 – recycled from the ill-fated PCs Ken Melvin (killed by a car bomb in 1990) and Sam Harker (died after the 2002 Sun Hill explosion).

First regular appearance of PC Gabriel Kent (Todd Carty). Carty previously appeared, credited only as Gabriel, in Episode 119.

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