Episode 124 is the 1784th episode of The Bill.

A distraught PC Polly Page is told by her friend Cathy Bradford to cover up her involvement in the death of Dr Owen Preston, but as Polly types up her statement for the police she receives a letter naming her as the beneficiary of Owen's will - will Polly's conscience get the better of her? CSU gains a new officer - sexual offences expert DC Ramani De Costa, who hasn't even reached the station when she is assigned to investigate the alleged rape of a university student. Acting DI Samantha Nixon has her hands full when a daring armed robbery is carried out on Sun Hill's patch, but as Nixon takes on the case, she is distracted by the presence of reporter Dougie Pritchard, who threatens to reveal the father of Nixon's daughter Abigail, a fact passed on to him by the late Sgt Matt Boyden. Sgt Sheelagh Murphy betrays more than professional concern when shots are fired as PC Des Taviner pursues the armed robbers.

First appearance of DC Ramani De Costa (Thusitha Jayasundera).

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