Episode 122 is the 1782nd episode of The Bill.

It's the end of the road for PC Luke Ashton when he comes face to face with a loaded weapon. When a young lad is refused cigarettes in a local mini mart it is the beginning of the bitter end for Luke Ashton who faces this loaded gun. But can his estranged wife Kerry take the heat whilst Luke dices with his life? Sun Hill is suffering a gun epidemic due to the illegal firearms flooding the area. The police are convinced dodgy Alan Trent, the owner of the security firm, is the cause. Meanwhile, DS Debbie McAllister is delighted her new beau Michael is showing so much interest in her. But as the police investigate Alan Trent, duped Debbie makes the alarming discovery about who Michael really is. Debbie is out for revenge and sets out alone to confront him. But Alan Trent is a dangerous man and Debbie's life is put at risk when she stumbles across his hideaway. Meanwhile, on the Coal Lane Estate DC Ken Drummond is still working under cover but when he comes across a stash of guns, it becomes crystal clear that the gun crisis has only just begun. Crocodile tears roll down PC Cathy Bradford's face when she confides she has lost her 'baby'. But Cathy's lies are becoming tangled; surely it is only a matter of time before one of her colleagues catches her out? Her best friend PC Polly Page is getting emotionally involved with her new friend Dr Preston but will their relationship compromise Polly's professional conduct? [Source:]

DS Debbie McAllister has been a police officer for ten years.

Final appearance of PC Luke Ashton (Scott Neal).

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