Episode 115 is the 1775th episode of The Bill. The episode's alternate title is Conscience.

June is feeling sheepish about last night's blunder, thinking Jim was about to propose before announcing his proposal to Marie. She distracts herself by assisting an elderly Czechoslovakian woman is being victimised on the local estate and June feels it is racially motivated. Phil and Eva are puzzled when solicitor Robert Fenn withdraws his assault complaint against colleague Kim Bradbury, but then they discover Kim has resigned. Eva confesses she visited the seedy bar where Robert and his friends hang out and where the assault happened and she convinces Phil that they're dealing drugs. Cameron goes undercover to check out the action, gets the evidence and they raid the bar. Gemma is determined to help Ziba and her daughter Niki and can't even conceive of their returning to Iran, but risks his her job by letting them escape, a call she takes alone after falling out with Kerry. Having already been warned off by Gold, Gemma is told to resign, to which she responds by saying she wouldn't give her the pleasure and that Gold needs to come out of the closet. Jim announces his engagement in the canteen and invites everyone to join him later for a celebratory drink. June decides to go along, but after meeting Marie, Jim's fiancée, June feels sorry for herself, drinks too much, and ends up in a romantic embrace with Tony Stamp. Meanwhile, Tony tells Lillian Rickman they'll plant a tree at the nick as a memorial for Cass.


  • Final appearance of PC Gemma Osbourne (Jane Danson).
  • When Gemma leaves the station she throws her warrant card onto the front desk, but when she goes in the ambulance near the end, Kerry pulls her warrant card out to identify her. Gina Gold later visits her in the hospital, where Gemma states she doesn’t want to leave. Gold promises to “see what she can do”, however her fate is sealed.
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