Episode 112 is the 1772nd episode of The Bill.

Life goes on at Sun Hill, after the recent murder of Sgt Matt Boyden. When PC Gary Best and PC Honey Harman bring in an Australian girl believed to be part of a shoplifting gang, it attracts the interest of CID. DC Mickey Webb uses Aussie PC Cameron Tait to infiltrate the gang, run by the Fagan-like Gene Bishop, but Cameron may have gone too far when Robbie and Bob Cryer witness him shoplifting in a department store. DC Danny Glaze finds Nathan Morley stuck through with a spear, and DC Mickey Webb and TDC Brandon Kane face a brush with death when an armed gang springs Nathan's brother Prince from a prison transport. Bob Cryer rallies the troops when Sgt Boyden's unpopularity casts a cloud over his funeral, and PC Tony Stamp is surprised by the arrival of Cass Rickman's mother. PC Jim Carver helps his girlfriend Marie out with some domestic issues, and is shocked when she proposes marriage.

Eric Richard makes a further guest appearance as former Sun Hill sergeantBob Cryer(1984-2001).

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