Episode 108 is the 1748th episode of The Bill.

The disappearance of a young girl prompts the team to call in retired sergeant Bob Cryer, who knows the suspects better than anyone — but his services are soon dispensed with when it becomes clear his old-school methods aren't suited to modern policing. Undeterred, the veteran plod teams up with his niece, Sun Hill's front desk officer Robbie, to finish the job — can they crack the case on their own? Meanwhile, PC Gemma Osbourne ponders her future at the station following her brutal attack, and drug-addled PC Nick Klein looks set to be found out when his colleagues raid the house where he is taking his first dose of crack, with the help of Sgt Boyden's daughter Amy.

PC Kerry Ashton refers to her "5-month marriage". She and Luke were married in Episode 077, broadcast on 2 January 2003, just 16 weeks before.

Eric Richard makes a further guest appearance as ex-SergeantBob Cryer(1984-2001).

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