Episode 107
Desperate Measures
Episode No.   Series
1764 2003x32
Original Airdate
23 April 2003 FlagIcon UK small
Written By
Emma Goodwin
Produced By
Susan Tully
Directed By
Ged Maguire
Episode Chronology:
Episode 106
Episode 108

Episode 107, also known as Desperate Measures, is an episode of The Bill.

Gemma arrests a TV weathergirl for shoplifting, but after overhearing remarks towards Gemma's sexuality, she fabricates a sexual assault claim in an attempt to get off the charges. Cameron and Gary find themselves in competition in an attempt to woo a glamorous robbery victim. Tait conspires against Best by having him recalled to the station, but Cameron ruins Des' day who was cheerful about sleeping with the same robbery victim, by telling him that he also slept with her. Gary is caught with his pants down by the victim's husband, who is under surveillance by CID for a brutal attack. Meanwhile, the girlfriend of Nick's dealer turns out to be Boyden's daughter, and Osbourne is attacked by a mystery female attacker.

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