Episode 099 is the 1759th episode of The Bill.

PC Polly Page returns to duty at Sun Hill following her breakdown. She is assigned to the CSU, and paired with PC Cathy Bradford. Page and Bradford investigate a stalking case which becomes far less straightforward when both parties accuse the other of harassment. PC Gary Best goes undercover as a schoolboy to investigate drug dealers targeting the school, but when his information leads to a raid, Abigail Nixon blows his cover. Arrested for assault by PC Luke Ashton, Acting DI Nixon and Sgt Murphy witness Abi putting the moves on a befuddled Ashton, making Sgt Matt Boyden's denials slightly more believable. PC Jim Carver spends the day with the mother of murdered teacher Sonia Graham, but his professional role as Family Liaison Officer is compromised when they end up in bed together.

Abigail Nixon was born on 19/11/1987.

PC Polly Page returns to Sun Hill, having been on sick leave since Episode 009, and is assigned to the Community Safety Unit (CSU). In reality, actress Lisa Geoghan had been on maternity leave.

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