Episode No.   Series
1755 2003x23
Original Airdate
20 March 2003 Flag of United Kingdom
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Episode 098 is the 1758th episode of The Bill.

PC Gary Best is smitten by the arrival of new PC Honey Harman, whose manner and appearance lead Sgt. Matt Boyden to conclude that she's a bit of an airhead. Searching the school for the gun used in the gymnasium shooting and the shooting of teacher Sonia Graham, PC Reg Hollis stumbles upon Boyden in an embrace with Acting DI Nixon's 15-year-old daughter. Sgt June Ackland recommends Reg inform Supt Okaro, which he does. Boyden is furious, but not as furious as Nixon when she finds out that her colleague has taken advantage of her underaged daughter. Insp Gina Gold and PC Luke Ashton are concerned that PC Kerry Young is back at work too soon after her miscarriage, but Kerry's considerable persuasive skills come into play when rape witness Beth Tyler is threatened on the estate and refuses to testify. Best and Harman follow some robbery suspects on foot patrol, but when this leads them to the gun and the student who murdered Sonia Graham, Best is taken hostage. Harman uses her judo skills to disarm the gunman, saving Best's life and earning his undying love.

Notes[edit | edit source]

First appearance of PC Honey Harman (Kim Tiddy).

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