Episode 088 is the 1748th episode of The Bill.

An assault on a prison officer may not be the straightforward mugging it appears to be. PC Jim Carver moves in with the Sharpes as their Family Liaison Officer, hoping to glean some vital information on Joanna's disappearance. PC Kerry Young suspects her husband is having an affair, and notices something going on when Ashton visits his sergeant in hospital after Gilmore is attacked while guarding a witness. PC Des Taviner ignores what could be an important clue in the Joanna Sharpe investigation, as he thinks it comes from an unreliable source. When the police get word there may be a paedophile ring operating in Sun Hill, they are determined to keep this news from Joanna's distraught parents.

Final appearance of SgtCraig Gilmore(Hywel Simons).

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