Episode 077 is the 1737th episode of The Bill.

DI Samantha Nixon is on the trail of the serial killer and on the phone to DC Duncan Lennox when it goes dead. Duncan traces the call, but he and PC Taviner arrive to find only Cass Rickman's neck chain, and Samantha's phone - and her last call was from Pat Kitson... It's Kerry and Luke's wedding day and Inspector Gina Gold is not happy to find the groom in bed with Craig Gilmore. Both Gina and Gilmore want Luke to tell Kerry, but for very different reasons, so with a reception venue in doubt, Gold tries to convince Kerry to postpone the wedding. DS Phil Hunter is in deep, as crime boss Ron Gregory wants to sleep with Hunter's wife and Phil has no way out. What will he do now that the tables have been turned on his philandering ways? Lennox and DC Mickey Webb break into Kitson's house, but find nothing. While from the attic of the house next door, Kitson taunts a bound and blindfolded Nixon as she watches them drive away. Nixon fishes for information, and when prodded by Pat, talks about her own past in order to get more information. Pat relates a story from childhood, and tells Nixon that she killed everyone Simon got involved with. Meanwhile, Luke chases a mugger on his way to the church, making him late, and as Kerry's car circles the church one more time, he arrives with a police siren blaring and a black eye. Best man Nick Klein hasn't appeared, and as Kerry tries to enlist Gilmore for the job, Gina Gold steps in and appoints Tony Stamp. At the reception in the station's canteen, Lennox, on his way back to talk to Kitson's neighbours, tries to convince June Ackland his feelings for Nixon are purely platonic. While quizzing Kitson's neighbour Margaret, Lennox hears noises upstairs, and Margaret tells him that Kitson sometimes stores things in her attic. He bursts in just as Pat is about to strangle Samantha. But Samantha isn't happy to be rescued, she thought she was making headway. Back at the reception, Klein ruins the atmosphere by making a speech about Cass and is subsequently caught snorting coke in the toilet by Jim Carver. Robbie Cryer finds Mickey Webb in a compromising situation with a bridesmaid, and Gilmore tells Luke that he's transferring tomorrow.

Final appearance of DCDuncan Lennox(George Rossi).

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