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1717 2002x071
Original Airdate
7th November 2002 FlagIcon UK small
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Episode 060 is the 1720th episode of The Bill.

DS Phil Hunter uses PC Nick Klein to stop and search Reload and his pals on the Bronte Estate. Reload is arrested when he threatens Klein with a machete, and a kilo of cocaine is found in the car. As DCI Meadows and Insp. Gold argue over how to handle the Bronte situation, the situation escalates when a kidnap attempt is made on Reload's daughter at her school. The girl is only saved by the brave actions of another parent - who happens to be the new station commander, Supt Adam Okaro. When he arrives at Sun Hill, Okaro demands to know why the situation on the Bronte has been allowed to get out of hand. He calls a press conference as Reload's young brother is kidnapped. Meadows feels sidelined, and decides to apply for a transfer.


First appearance of Supt Adam Okaro (Cyril Nri).

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