Episode 054 is the 1711th episode of The Bill.

After Tom turns the gun on himself, Jack Meadows and Debbie McAllister emerge in shock from Chandler's office. Tony Stamp then takes Debbie to the hospital, so she can give birth to her premature baby. Amid all of the chaos, PC Gemma Osbourne arrives for her first day at Sun Hill, and is immediately sent on the beat with PC Cass Rickman. But later, on a ladies night out, the girls of Sun Hill are in for a big surprise! On the way home, Cass is surprised to meet an old friend's sister, who starts following her the next day. Luke and Kerry find Craig's car in connection with a robbery, and they suss out that it must be his boyfriend responsible, so they keep quiet. But after winding Luke up, he threatens Craig's boyfriend and tells him to stay away from him. Craig confronts Luke, and Luke tells him about the robbery, and reveals that he didn't want him to be caught up in the embarrassing situation. Craig takes it as a sign that Luke still has feelings for him, and tries to kiss Luke. Outraged, Luke lies to him, saying that he and Kerry are engaged.

Sun Hill once again has a complement of three Class 1 drivers: PCs Gemma Osbourne, Tony Stamp and Des Taviner.

First appearance of PCGemma Osbourne(Jane Danson).

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