Episode 053 is the 1713th episode of The Bill.

McAllister is shattered the morning following her wedding… and Tom's rape. Meanwhile, Mickey Webb and Jack Meadows prepare to reveal the truth about Chandler raping Louise Marsden, when an 'old friend' says he'll testify. Back at Sun Hill, Chandler admits to Debbie that he slept with Louise back at Hendon. Little did he know, Peter Marsden was listening in from the next room. A fight ensues, and Peter eventually leaves saying, "You're finished, Chandler". Facing the horrible truth that he has finally been caught out, he asks Craig Gilmore to give him a gun found in connection with the serial killers, to show to the press. But Tom has his own ideas. He locks Debbie in his office, and reveals that he is going to kill her, the baby, and himself. Jack and Mickey realise that something's not right, and go to Chandler's office to see what's happening. As Chandler makes repeated death threats, Debbie, only 7 months pregnant, goes into very early labour. Chandler is about to shoot Debbie's womb when Jack busts through the door. They calmly talk about the whole situation, and Chandler finally breaks down, crying and admitting that Debbie is the only woman he ever loved. But as Mickey and the others race up to Chandler's office, the gun is fired… [Source:]

Pointedly, there is no Next on The Bill segment at the end, leaving viewers in suspense over the outcome of the events in this episode.

Talking to Geoff Tibballs for The Bill: The Complete Lowdown on 20 Years at Sun Hill (2003), Paul Marquess explained that, soon after he became executive producer, he called actor Steven Hartley in to explain that he was going to have to get rid of Chandler. "He's got no moral backbone… The guy at the top has to set the standards."

Second of two episodes originally shown on this date.

Final appearance of Supt Tom Chandler (Steven Hartley).

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