052is the 1709th episode of The Bill.

Typically, Phil's idea of surveillance is chatting up the ladies in the neighbourhood whilst Ken's is to make use of the home catering. Will this double act ever obtain the information they need? Meanwhile, David Chiu a profiler arrives at Sun Hill to put his experience to solving the Serial Killer case. Acting DI Samantha Nixon's nose is shoved out of joint, as she and Chiu were rivals on the profiling course. Sam forges ahead alone, convinced a previous offender named Baxter fits the 'profile'. It's Superintendent Tom Chandler and DS Debbie McAllister's wedding day but Tom is acting strangely. First he runs off leaving her alone just hours before the wedding and returns looking dishevelled and panicky. Will Debbie realise what a mistake she has made before it's too late? And DC Mickey Webb is furious to hear DCI Jack Meadows is no longer pursuing the Superintendent - what has Tom told Jack to make him change his mind? When Mickey realises a statement was made but Jack is sitting on it he takes things further - and makes a phone call that will shake Sun Hill to the core and leave Tom Chandler's future in turmoil.

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