Episode 038 is the 1695th episode of The Bill.

CID gets a shake up when new DS Samantha Nixon turns up and quickly proves her criminal profiling skills – no stone will be left unturned. She's methodical and highly ambitious so if Reg thinks he can protect the kidnapper who showed him kindness he'd better make his story rock solid. Poor Reg, he's left lying (literally) in his hospital bed under the watchful eye of a guilt-ridden Des Taviner. Meanwhile maternal instincts kick in for DS Debbie McAllister when a woman makes a complaint against her neighbour who has been behaving threateningly towards her and her new-born baby. It's cop killer Jeff Simpson's big day in court and PC Des Taviner find himself at wits end when DC Danny Glaze informs him he won't corroborate the evidence under oath. It's a situation that just might spell the end of Des's career at Sun Hill. And after snogging PC Luke Ashton the evening before Craig is all out of sorts when he sees him messing about with PC Kerry Young in the canteen. Insp Gold uses her fine detective kills to work out that something's up with him. Her advice is to go for it. Do you take man advice from a woman like that? [Source:]

First appearance of DSSamantha Nixon(Lisa Maxwell).

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