Episode 029 is the 1686th episode of The Bill.

When cocky new DS Phil Hunter reports for duty he wastes no time bringing in arrests. He flirts with wives of suspects and doesn't play by any of the rules. He's clocked as a difficult one to handle but if he's toting up the convictions who's to complain? Even if his probing turns up an unwelcome visitor for Nick and Cass. Cass is in trouble at every turn when PC Kerry Young discovers the rumour spreading that led to her engagement break up originated from Cass. Higher on Cass and Nick's priorities is dodging accusations of drug taking when DS Phil Hunter brings in their dealer. PC Jim Carver is still tasked with the unpleasant duty of being PC Tony Stamp's Family Liaison Officer. He assures the family that despite PC Stamp being 'one of his' they will continue a full and thorough investigation into the abuse accusation. Tony begins to doubt Jim's belief in his innocence and a covert meeting with DC Danny Glaze does nothing to improve his position. DI Alex Cullen is left fuming when the brutal murder of teenager Liz Chambers is handed over to Barton St. His anger gives way to dropping Jack Meadows a name from the superintendent's past, ex-DCI Marsden. Jack pays him a visit only to find one copper can't fool another. The road to Tom Chandler's destruction isn't as easy as they'd hoped it would be. [Source:]

First appearence of D.S. Phil Hunter (Scott Maslen).

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