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1684 2002x038
Original Airdate
18th July 2002 FlagIcon UK small
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Episode 027 is the 1684th episode of The Bill.


Out on a pub crawl to celebrate a new PC's engagement the relief are suddenly overjoyed when Reg's winning line comes up on the lottery. While the syndicate members spend the millions over and over in their heads, Mickey heads off to tell Supt Tom Chandler where he can stick his job. Insp Gold, meanwhile, notes that Reg is acting quite out of character and avoiding the others. He wouldn't be planning to skip the country with the money, would he? When designer jackets go missing from a local department store and turn up on the local estate CID decide ex-con Joe Nash must be back up to his old tricks. But no-one can explain the mystery of the self-editing security tape. Sun Hill's romances are up and down. Jim's positivity about their relationship rubs off on June and they share a kiss while the other side of the coin sees Supt Tom Chandler dropping DS Debbie McAllister off at the abortion clinic leaving her to go through with the operation alone. And Lee Dwyer's parents arrive at Sun Hill to make a very serious accusation. One that will send PC Tony Stamp's reputation reeling… [Source:]

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