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1683 2002x037
Original Airdate
16th July 2002 FlagIcon UK small
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Episode 026 is the 1683rd episode of The Bill.


Des's blackmailer starts to put the squeeze on. So after parting with his first instalment of cash he decides the only way out is intimidation or confession. Neither look particularly good for enhancing his career in the Police Force. The tenser Des becomes the more determined he is to find out who's behind the extortion and it's God help anyone who gets in his way. When Lee Dwyer gets caught displaying his graffiti artistry it's the more level-headed officers to the rescue. DI Alex Cullen has his work cut out keeping an eye on his delinquent cops. After witnessing June and Jim's mug-hurling altercation he demands to know what their problem was. Jim's answer to healing the rift comes in the form of a quiet night out… and three choice little words. New PCs Luke Ashton and Kerry Young are called to a domestic incident at Lee Dwyer's house, so to teach his parents a lesson he plays runaway and visits a surprised Tony Stamp first thing in the morning. [Source:]

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