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1682 2002x036
Original Airdate
11th July 2002 FlagIcon UK small
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Episode 025 is the 1682nd episode of The Bill.


PC Luke Ashton goes against Sgt Craig Gilmore's direct orders and bravely follows a crazed gunman after hearing a shot. When he disappears out of view and another gunshot is heard Gilmore's worry appears more than professional.

Cass convinces Nick that a good night out doesn't always have to involve drugs so he's surprised when he manages to pull an attractive young woman. After revealing she's a hairdresser, he carries on his fantasy by informing her he's a pilot. In the cold sober light of day it turns out they have a lot more in common than originally suspected.

DS Debbie McAllister is coerced into a stint as a babysitter for Eva Sharpe's daughter when the childcare suddenly falls through. She surprises even herself by doing such a good job, which makes the decision facing her and Supt Tom Chandler even more difficult.

Meanwhile PC Tony Stamp puts his neck on the line when young Lee Dwyer is accused of serious vandalism at his school. The head threatens him with expulsion but Tony intervenes and mediates between the two. But is Lee really so innocent and worthy of his trust? [Source:]


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